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Airport Executive Lounges

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Why Book an Airport Executive Lounge

Why Book into an Airport Executive Lounge, the reasons are easy to see when you experience the leisure of an Airport Executive Lounge for the first time.

When you book into an Airport Executive Lounge you will avoid the hustle and bustle of the airport terminal and escape into luxurious surroundings, free from the crowds and noise you can relax in one of the many Airport Executive Lounges located in leading airports and enjoy peace and tranquillity.

When you book into your chosen Airport Executive Lounge online you can be assured that your time spent in the departure terminal will be relaxing and stress free.

All leading airlines operate executive lounges for their business and first class passengers as part of their service to customer satisfaction and some compensation for the high price they are paying for their ticket. You can now enjoy the pleasures of an Executive Airport Lounge even when your flight is on an economy basis.

Why not take the time and make your booking online for your invitation to escape the crowds and enter those discreet glass doors and enter the world of the business and first class traveller and experience the pleasure of facilities such as: TV, complimentary bar service serving soft drinks and alcoholic ones only Champagne is extra. You also can browse through complimentary magazines and news papers of the day whilst enjoying complimentary tea or coffee and have use of a phone and fax facility, Snacks are also available free of charge such as biscuits, crisps, nuts & small cakes.  Some airport Executive Lounges provide smoking areas for those smokers who want to enjoy a few cigarettes before they board. Naturally toilets are on hand as well as showers should you wish to freshen up before your flight.

What could be more relaxing than taking it easy in one of the numerous Airport Executive Lounges at all leading airports which you can now easily book online and obtain a generous discount.

Most Airport Executive Lounges are open early from 5am to around 10pm at night and are best reserved by invitation of the airline or business or first class traveller or by pre-booking online for everyone else.

You can save a great deal of money by booking your place(s) in one of the numerous Airport Executive Lounges online instead of walking in on the day.

The majority of Airport Executive Lounges have differing facilities for the disabled so you should check first before you book.

There is a code of conduct that is expected of visitors to Airport Executive Lounges which range from - Casual smart dress code and of course reasonable behaviour is expected. You are free to re enter the airport executive lounge but you must take your hand luggage with you at all times due to security measures, entry to the lounge is at the discretion of the lounge staff if you wish to enter more than 3 hours before your flight departure time and the lounge staff have the right to refuse admission at all times.

Children can sometimes be permitted as long as an adult is in attendance at all times, however due to the nature of the airport lounges reputation of offering its business and first class passengers a tranquil and restful place to relax they will not permit loud behaviour and some airport executive lounges refuse entry for all children under 12 so you must check with the respective airport executive lounge if they will permit children before you book.

The experience of visiting an Airport Executive Lounge is well worth it and you will want to re book your airport executive lounge for your next trip.

Airport Executive Lounges
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